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Affliate Markerting Thru Various Interests and Hobbies

Affliate Markerting Thru Various Interests and Hobbies
Paid To Read Email Marketing Referral Network
Network Marketing Through Social Networking Sites
My family Photo Album
My Stock Photo &Art
Making Money With Blogging-Advertising, Surveys, and Writing About Products
Linking it All Together And Introducing Traffic Sites
Links to My Sites and Others

Here are some various Affilate Marketing Ideas/Sites to get you started!
A site that specializes in cloaking affliate Ids.
Free Membership Commission Structure

Offer Type Commission $
Free Membership* $1.00
One Time Offer $59.10
Alternative One Time Offer $9.40 / mth.
Back-End Offer Inside Members Area $19.40 / mth.

All Posters. Com.
Like selling posters?
If you own a website.- paste this and  for each website you refer:
  1. $3.00 when they make their 1st sale.
  2. $5.00 when they make their 2nd sale.
  3. 5% of every sale they make for life.

Webmasters Make
Webmasters Make $$$

A revolution in advertising is taking place, millions of dollars are being earned, will you miss the boat?             

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Earn money by renting out your unused computer cycles. Pays 0.05 a hour, and you can earn up to 45.00 a month! Click the banner and find out how!

Making Money With Mirco Stock Photography Referrals
If you are interested in photography, you can make a great income with recruiting other people (photographers) to sell their photos on microstock photography  sites!
Why do agencies use referral programs? It increases sales for agencies. If you want to have a long duration of income, it is your best bet to refer a photographer. They will be your best sources of making affilate income for a long time. Buyers can just stop buying after the first package!
Signing up for micro stock photography affiliate program are easy. Usually they are at the bottom on the web page under "affiliate" or referral programs". When you sign under a referral program, you will get a URL locator address of their website and an id number like this:

For Example: (They are not usually this long!)
Here is a list of links to the best microstock photography referal programs to get started with:

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

(35% for Designer/Seller
($5.00 for 15 approved photos-Photographers)
(Duration for 60 days, but is really worth it)


(15% Designer/Buyer-5 years)
(10% Photographer/Seller-5 years)

Shutter Stock

(20% Designer/Buyer-only 1 sale)
(10% Seller-permanent)

123RF Stock
                                    Photos - Only $1

(15% Designer/Buyer-1 year)
(10% Photographer/Seller-6 months)

NewDarkRoom Stock Photography

5% if you referred the Seller
15% if you refereed the Buyer
50% of commissions generated by affiliates under you

stock photos, royalty free stock photography, photo search

By sending buyers to the site: You earn $5 for every person who visits LuckyOliver through your affiliate link and ends up purchasing tokens.

By sending photographers to the site: They will give you $1 for every photographer who signs up with LuckyOliver and has 3 photos accepted

Royalty Free Images

(10% Designer/Buyer-3 years)
(10% Photographer/Seller-3 years)

View My Portfolio

 For each Successful Referral  iStockphoto will pay a 10.00 referral fee.

Stock Photography

From Designers: You will earn a flat 10% of that member's purchases, within 6 months, up to $50.

From Photographers: You will earn $5 for every 50 photos that they sell within 6 months, up to $50
From Both: If they become a photographer and purchases photos, you can earn double commission

(10% Designers/Buyers-1 year)
(10% Photographers-1 year)


Earn10% for each transactionAs Commission for advertised picture buyers AND sales of advertised photographers.

I will update this page every week on other great programs for everyone to join, so please stay in touch!