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Linking it All Together And Introducing Traffic Sites

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Linking it All Together And Introducing Traffic Sites
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Ok now it is time to link it all together!   Building traffic for your affiliate markerting is essential to your success.  There are many different (FREE) ways to promote your traffic. Some may work for you, some may not work for you.  Anyway, it is UP to you  (your indivdiual time and resources) of how successful you will be.
I compose another list of referral sites that any one can join and post their blog, social networking page, or website for exchange of looking at other blogs and websites. You earn points, and the higher the points you have, the more noticable your page of banner ads/links will be.

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Traffic is a very fast and popular way to promote any affilate links you may have. In exchange for  looking at other websites, they look at yours.

Link referral is another popular traffic site. View 30 sites, review 1, and is all it takes to get your started!

Great Place to start out for people to notice your blog!

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Dragon Surf

I will update this page every week and keep adding other link referrals sites posted. Thanks!