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Network Marketing Through Social Networking Sites

Affliate Markerting Thru Various Interests and Hobbies
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Network Marketing Through Social Networking Sites
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One of the most effective ways to makert your affliate banners is to sign up for a social networking site such as myspage, hi five,  and facebook. But do you know there are social network sites that will pay you to chat, make friends, and refer other people? I have found four main ones that really pay a percentage of their advertisement revenue to members! So bascially when you post your banners in to your profile, you are actually getting paid double.
To get started, please click on the banners below and sign up for these social networking sites. I have also included the no paying ones (myspace, facebook, high five) but because of their popularity and high traffic, their are great for building a network of refferals under your belt.

Yewie is the most popular paid to refer social sites out there

RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

Another great site that has a mix of busniess and social endevors.

Narple is another cool site to join. I joined  1 week ago and already got two referrals!


In Capazoo, your earn zoops, which can be converted into cash when you reach a credit of 25.00.


Fairly new site. I just joined them recently. Mostly for people who know a lot about musicians. I will keep everyone updated to see if they really do pay. Here is the link to the website above, they have not came out with any banners as just yet.

This is a busniess site promotions network, this is a great site to join if already have an established buisness and want to get that extra traffic to your website. Plus you get paid for the referrals also!

My Lot

My is also a new site I just joined a week ago. I have not made any money from it, but a read articles on it that  they were honest and they really do pay. Click on the link above to sign up, and email me to get me some feedback how it works for you.

A new one I just recently joined about 2 days ago. Will keep you updated on this one!

Here are the non paying ones, but they are very popular and they will give you high referral traffic!

My Space


Face Book


Hollow Express helps gets a lot more friends added to your myspace page! More friends =more referrals!
I will update this page on social networking every week so please stay in touch!