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Affliate Markerting Thru Various Interests and Hobbies
Paid To Read Email Marketing Referral Network
Network Marketing Through Social Networking Sites
My family Photo Album
My Stock Photo &Art
Making Money With Blogging-Advertising, Surveys, and Writing About Products
Linking it All Together And Introducing Traffic Sites
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Hello and Welcome to the Eternal Dimensions  Website!

I I am an 31 year mother of a two year old girl. I am in photography, graphic art, and 3d art. I am currently right trying to sell some of my stock images online at different microstock photography sites. But until I can afford the right equipment to really become professional at it, I am trying other ways to make streams of income which involves social networking, writing blogs with referral links to microphotography sites, refering over people to join sites like yewie and rotatrix to earn commissions.  To add to my affilate network, I recently started to join these paid per reading email sites. What you earn on clicking the email and reading the ads is very small, but the in your real power in earnings is again, your refferals!

The basic idea is signing up for all these affilates, is to link them all together thru together thur a blog, a profile on a PAYING social networking site such as yewie, or using a NON PAYING platform as my space. Writing about the the affilates you are talking about in a blog helps promote your affilates. Placing banners on your social networking sites, promotes your affilates. Your PAYING social networking sites have affilate ids as well, and you can promote them as well in your blog.

The paid to read email sites are the same way. Your can promote them on your PAYING social networking sites in the form of banners or talk about them in your blog.

The traffic is another issue. You can promote your blogs to traffic sites such as link referral for exchange at looking at other websites, join groups in your social networking sites, create lenses for a site on the subject from squidoo, (because google loves squidoo!)

Either ways the possibilities of making money is endless. Now does take time! This is not an overnite success thing,and results may take up 6 months (a variation) But preservence is the key!




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